The Power of Seven Collection
A series of seven sterling silver dog tag pendants inspired by the Number 7.
This scattered array of sevens are framed to maintain a feeling of unity, closeness and a sense of calm.
These graceful yet bold inverted curved lines give the pendant a darker erotic feeling, with a touch of things secret and gothic.
These graceful curved lines create a sensual and romantic emblem of sevens that are hidden to the casual observer.
These scattered and “recessed” sevens create a sense of things private with a feeling of seclusion and calm.
These bold straight lines create a strong mood while preserving a feeling of harmony for all who wear this design.
This “cut out” design of floating sevens creates a feeling of adventure and freedom with an openness to all good things.
Zephyr Petite
This breezy and open pendant lets us see through to sunlight and sandy beaches. Something for the light of heart.