GC Logo Collection
GC Logo Ring
Gentlemen, this sterling silver ring makes a definite statement. It's a bold yet tailored ring with almost mirror like reflections; Your date might use it to powder her nose. The concave surfaces of the shank make for a very comfortable fit. And ladies, this could work for you too. Professional women might appreciate this as it boldly shimmers from that manicured hand on her desk. That guy looking for a better position might check himself in the ring to see how he's doing.

Sizes & 12.
GC Logo Necklace With Hidden Insert Clasp
These links float sensuously in a shimmering collar of silver. There is glamour in this deceptively simple design. 3/4" wide by 17" long.
GC Logo Ladies Bracelet
These links have the look and feel of a charm bracelet while still maintaining uniformity. It's a perfect match with the GC Logo Necklace,but travels well alone. It drapes softly and comfortably across the hand. 3/4" wide by 7 & 1/2" long.
GC Logo Men's Bracelet
This bracelet is just under one" wide. It has a hidden insert clasp for a clean unbroken line. It has a substantial yet comfortable feel on the wrist. Goes well with the GC Logo Cuff Links, but is definitely a stand alone piece. Eight" in length. Rhodium plated.
GC Logo Cuff Links
Simple, classic and tailored with style. 3/4" square.
GC Logo Money Clip
This money clip is simple, classic, and tailored with style. Perfect with the GC Logo Cuff Links.