Scarab Collection
Scarab Cuff Bracelet
This striking and substantial piece is a modern yet timeless tribute to the treasures found in the tomb of the young Egyptian King Tutankhamen. In his culture the Scarab was a symbol of good luck. The Lotus Detail on the sides was also a symbol of good fortune. 2 & ½" wide. Fits 7 to 8" wrist.
Scarab Belt With Scarab Design Insert Clasp Closure
This substantial but very comfortable belt is sumptuous with jeans, or for evening when draped sensuously across the hips in that basic black dress. The clasp is a perfect match to the Scarab Design in the Buckle. This piece should be made to each user’s specific needs and measurements. Order by preferred length. (Waist or upper hips.)
Scarab Link Necklace
These Scarab Links create a substantial yet comfortable collar of silver. The hidden clasp creates a beautiful unbroken line. 17 & 1/4" long by 7/8" wide.
Scarab Link Bracelet
The perfect accompaniment to the Scarab Link Necklace, but works beautifully as a stand alone piece. 8" long by 7/8" wide.
Scarab Stud Earrings With Omega Backs
These earrings when worn with the Scarab Link Necklace create that perfect frame for the face. They also make a statement when worn alone. 1 & 1/8" long by 7/8" wide.
Scarab Link Bracelet With 10mm Signity Stones
These beautifully faceted stones are for those who want that additional sparkle. 8" long by 7/8" wide.
Scarab Link Necklace With 10mm Signity Stones And Hidden Insert Clasp
These beautifully faceted stones are for those who like that special sparkle. 17 & ¼" long by 7/8" wide.
Scarab Pendant With Signity Pave
This pendant can be mixed and matched with any of the items in the Scarab Collection, but is also a stand alone piece. 1 & 5/8" long by 7/8" wide.
Scarab Ring With Signity Pave
This substantial ring adds a shimmering sparkle and significant finishing touch when worn with other Scarab Collection pieces, but is definitely a stand alone piece.
Double Band Ring With Scarab Charm Drop
This double band ring with a Scarab charm drop is a perfect complement to the Scarab Charm Line Bracelet.
Scarab Charm Line Bracelet
This smaller version of the Scarab makes a delightful addition to any collection, with a slinky and sensual feel on the wrist. Sweet simplicity. 7 & ¼" long by ½" wide.