Take 5 Collection
Heavy Grooved Oval Link Bracelet With Large Take 5 Link and Toggle Closure
This is a substantial but very comfortable bracelet. The oval links make it soft and supple. It looks great alone, but can be worn dramatically when mixed with your own pieces.

8" long, links just less than 1/2" wide. Take 5 link is 1 & 1/4" at widest point. Toggle closure is 1 & 1/2" long.
Take 5 "Scattered" 40 Inch Necklace With Toggle Closure
This is a necklace with true diversity. It looks great when worn long, but can be wrapped around twice, or as a “Y” necklace. You’ll discover even more ways it can be worn. It also definitely works as a belt. 1 & 1/8 " wide at the largest link.
Take 5 Necklace With Toggle Closure
These sculpted five sided links create an architectural yet soft and supple line of flowing silver. It is 1" at it's widest point and is 18" in length.
Take 5 Bracelet with Toggle Closure
A perfect accompaniment to the Take 5 Necklace or Earrings. 7 & 1/2" long by 1" wide.
Take 5 Necklace With Bezel Set Stones
These bezel set stones add the allure of color to the Take 5 Necklace. 1" wide by 18" long.
Take 5 Bracelet With Bezel Set Stones And Toggle Closure
These bezel set stones add beautiful color to the Take 5 Bracelet. Slinky and supple. 1" wide by 7 & 1/2" long.

Take 5 Double Drop Earrings
These five sided links dangle flirtatiously. They are the perfect accompaniment to other items in the Take 5 Collection. 1" wide by 2 & 1/2" long.
Take 5 Single Drop Earrings With Bezel Set Citrines And Citrine Briolettes
These earrings dangle with the beautiful warm glow and golden reflection of Citrine. 1" wide by 2 & 5/8" long.
Take 5 Single Drop Earrings With Bezel Set London Blue Topaz And London Blue Briolettes
A change of color in the Single Drop Take 5 Earrings for those who prefer that sultry shade of blue.