An Evening with George Chakiris

Oscar night 1962 - George Chakiris

George Chakiris won the Academy Award "Best Supporting Actor" for his role as Bernardo in the film classic, West Side Story. He also performed in There’s No Business Like Show Business, Brigadoon, White Christmas, and Gentlemen Prefer Blondes. With over 150 credits in dance, film and theatre, Chakiris has earned his iconic relevance in musical theatre’s rich history.

Openly sharing his knowledge, An Evening with George Chakiris offers you an exclusive opportunity to relive some of his best movie moments, hear on-set stories and his favorite tricks of the trade. After screening the famous West Side Story, audience members will participate in an intimate Q&A with this legendary triple threat.

Screen the iconic film at your theater following an incredible once in a lifetime opportunity Q&A with the star of the film, George Chakiris. From his originally playing Riff in the London Company for a year and a half, to his Academy Award winning performance as Bernardo in the film, George’s vast knowledge and incredible experiences will enlighten and inspire audiences of all ages. With weeks of rehearsals, to months on set, to seeing the film explode on screens around the world as it did, and still does with fans and young audiences today, come immerse yourself into George’s extraordinary story, top to bottom, of West Side Story.

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Testimonials from Audience Members

"Some time ago I had the great pleasure to attend a showing of a wonderful documentary film about the fabulous career of George Chakiris. It was thrilling to see all those clips from his movies (including scenes with the very young and delicious Catherine Deneuve), and then to chat afterwards with George and his fellow artists. This is a MUST SEE event!!!"


"What an amazing opportunity it is to hear George Chakiris share his wonderful stories about West Side Story and his other films. He is engaging and generous with his audience. To spend the evening with one of cinema's premier dancers and actors is an unforgettable treat. We thoroughly enjoyed our evening with George."


"I had the opportunity to see a wonderful event highlighting the career of George Chakiris. I especially liked the clips from The Young Girls of Rochefort. Seeing him in action with Catherine Deneuve is quite special! The Q & A afterwards was enlightening and entertaining. Lots of juicy show biz. I loved it!"


"What a special night. George knocked it out of the park… He was so gracious!… He’s just a gem... The happiness he brought to so many last night was delightful."